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Motorised Blinds: Benefits to Homeowners

Posted by Amy Myers on Oct 28, 2016

These days, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for motorised systems for their window coverings. Motorised blinds, in particular, have gained a lot of popularity among several homeowners in Australia. If you are thinking about upgrading your home’s windows with this type of window treatment, you should first be informed about what you stand to gain from your investment. The following points will shed light on some important benefits associated with the installation of motorised blinds. Convenience The number-one benefit of using motorised blinds is their ease of operation. As compared to non-motorised blinds, it is much easier for people to set the right mood in a room. With the simple press of a button, you can simultaneously control multiple blinds in a room without moving from your resting spot. How convenient! The best part is that those high, hard-to-reach windows won’t be a problem anymore. Just open and close all your blinds pretty much the same way you switch channels with your TV remote control device while relaxing on that comfy sofa. Make easy work of your blinds operation. Security Speaking from a security perspective, it is always a smart idea for your home to seem occupied, even if nobody is around. Motorised blinds can be preset to open or close at certain times of the day. When they are timed to open at certain hours of the day, they can create the impression that someone is at home, when that is in fact not the case,...

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Handy Tips to Making The Most of Self Storage

Posted by Amy Myers on Oct 21, 2016

The degree of usefulness that your self storage unit will be to you will be dependent on how efficiently you can utilize the space that is available to you. Therefore, it would be crucial to ensure that your belongings have been secured appropriately while still allowing them to be accessible to you as you need them. Below are some handy tips that you could employ in making the most of your self storage space. Tip 1: Only store items that have been thoroughly cleaned Some people make the mistake of assuming since the items are going into self storage, they can simply be haphazardly arranged in the unit. The reality is dirty items that have food particles, grime and other debris are more likely to deteriorate over time, especially if they have been put into long-term storage. By storing dirty items, you increase the chances of staining on upholstery, malfunctioning of electronics and more. Before you put your items into self storage, it would be prudent to ensure that they have been cleaned as thoroughly as possible. Once the cleaning is done, give the items time to completely dry out as any moisture would pose the risk of mould and mildew. Tip 2: Incorporate a pathway in your storage arrangement When putting items into storage, some people neglect to consider including a pathway. A pathway is crucial for accessibility. Therefore, instead of trying to think of how best to cram all your items so that you can utilise all...

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AC Duct Issues That Owners of Ductless Split Systems Never Face

Posted by Amy Myers on Sep 13, 2016

Homeowners can choose to have a ducted AC system or a ductless air conditioning system. Each of these options has its own benefits and shortcomings. This article discusses some of the problems that ductless split system ACs can help you to avoid. The Growth of Mould Mould spores usually thrive and grow rapidly in moist locations where there is limited light. Air conditioning ducts are perfect for the growth of mould because they are dark and moist. It is for this reason that poorly maintained ducted AC systems eventually show signs of mould, such as the development of musty smells within the house. Homeowners who chose to install ductless split air conditioning systems avoid this problem because the system does not provide moisture and darkness for the growth of mould spores. Increased Energy Costs Owners of ducted air conditioning systems may at times be dismayed to discover that their energy bills have suddenly spiked for no apparent reason. Such a scenario can result from clogs that develop within the ducts of the AC system. The accumulation of dust within the ducts can restrict the movement of conditioned air to all the rooms in the home. This constriction can compel the AC to work harder in order to force conditioned air through the ducts whose diameter has been reduced by the accumulation of dirt. That extra work done by the system explains the increase in the energy consumed in your home. Owners of ductless split system ACs never have such...

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Up In The Air: Should You Choose External Or Recirculating Ventilation For Your New Extractor Hood?

Posted by Amy Myers on Aug 25, 2016

A well-made and well-installed extractor hood in your kitchen can be a tremendous boon for both sanitary and safety reasons. The powerful fans in the hood extract airborne grease, smoke and other particulate matter from your kitchen, while its position above your stove top allows it to assist in suppressing and putting out grease fires. However, any extractor hood is only as good as the ventilation system it is attached to–after all, all the air your hood extracts and cleans has to go somewhere. As such, the type of ventilation your hood will use is one of the first decisions you should make, as different types of ventilation will perform differently under different circumstances. You have two main types of ventilation systems to choose from–external ventilation or recirculation. What are the pros and cons of choosing external ventilation? Choosing an externally vented extractor hood comes with a range of advantages over recirculating models: Thorough air cleaning: Extractors hoods with external ventilation vent their air they suck up directly to the outdoors, so they can be relied upon to thoroughly remove airborne grease and contaminants from your kitchen. Filter-free: This external ventilation precludes the need for air filters found in recirculating extractor hoods, sidestepping the unpleasantly messy task of cleaning and/or replacing your hood filters. Power efficiency: Since externally vented hoods do not require fans to reintroduce cleaned air back into your kitchen, they are generally cheaper to run over the long term than recirculating hoods. However, there are also a few disadvantages...

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Reasons to Consider Steel for Your Industrial Shed

Posted by Amy Myers on Aug 10, 2016

If you are considering the erection of an industrial shed, you will find there are a myriad of materials that are available to you to choose from. One of the more popular materials for these types of sheds is steel. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider steel as your choice of material for your industrial shed.  Steel industrial sheds have enhanced durability When it comes to longevity, steel sheds tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other materials such as wood. This is because steel is a robust material. It won’t be susceptible to compromised structural integrity in the form of warping or cracking over time such as wood would be. In addition to this, steel is not susceptible to pest infestations or rotting. As such, investing in a steel industrial shed would provide you with a significant amount of service, as it would retain its structural integrity for longer.   Steel industrial sheds are easy to maintain Another reason to consider steel for your industrial shed is that this material is virtually maintenance free. When you opt for steel, the main thing you would have to consider is galvanising it. Once it is galvanised, the coating provides a protective layer for the metal against the various elements of the weather. This ensures that your steel shed will not rust or corrode due to exposure to moisture.  Steel industrial sheds are fire resistant If you are storing valuable equipment in your industrial shed but...

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3 Adjustments You Should Make To Your Home Before Getting A Dog

Posted by Amy Myers on Jul 27, 2016

When you decide to get a dog, it’s likely you’ll be excited about bringing your new pet home. However, you shouldn’t bring a dog into your home without first ensuring your home environment is safe and comfortable for a dog. Here are three suggestions for preparing your home for the arrival of your new four-legged buddy: Review Your Flooring Is your flooring safe for a dog that’ll be running through the house on a daily basis? Laminate flooring can be too smooth for dogs and they can slide easily, even when walking. If your dog can’t gain traction on your flooring they’re at risk of injuring themselves on furniture as they skid around. Additionally, slipping when walking will put unnecessary stress on your dog’s hip joints as they struggle to stay on their feet. If you can’t replace unsuitable flooring, put large rugs down and use non-slip rug underlay to hold the rugs in place. Non-slip dog socks are another option, but your dog would have to wear these at home all the time and may not be happy to keep them on. Install A Pet Door The ability to provide a comfortable living environment is a key part of pet ownership. If you have other commitments, such as caring for young children or working, installing a pet door will enable your dog to relieve themselves whenever they need to. Additionally, they’ll be free to exercise in your garden whenever they want, which will enable them to experience a...

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Gandalf Costumes

Help your kids capture the true essence of wizards and witches. Costumes, accessories and makeup can all make your kid look and feel like a true witch or wizard.

Harry Potter Get-ups

There have been many kids that have worn the Harry Potter costume, but what about Headless Harry? Make your own Harry Potter costumes to expand your horizons.

Other Costumes

There are many other magical costumes that your kids may love. Find a few ideas that could help your kids explore the magical realms in their world.